Can’t beet simplicity

I’m certain that the news has reached you, no matter where you live, dear reader: Groningen is Hoofdstad van de Smaak for 2011! For those not blessed with the ability to understand Dutch, it means that Groningen is the Capital of Taste for this year. I can tell you’re a bit confused (if not bemused), so let me try to explain.

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More spoon-making

Hello again dear reader (the singular here is not, I suspect, just a figure of speech). Last time, I posted about a spoon I made out of some wood I salvaged from a chestnut tree that had to be cut down due to old age. I figured that it was only fair to extend its life a little bit longer by making a few useful things out of it. It turns out that spoon making is also extremely fun.

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This site was long due for an update. I removed all the old content, installed WordPress, and a theme I think I can make work. I am working on building up the content now, so stay alert. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from Big Sur to keep you happy.



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