My favourite albums of 2017

Woah, is this year over yet? What a clusterfuck this year has seemed, at times. And, though little will suddenly change as a new day and year dawn, I remain hopeful and look ahead with open eyes and heart. If one thing helped me survive 2017, that’s music. Great new albums this year from many of my favourite artists, and some beautiful, heart-warming, and surreal concerts. Looking back at that makes me very happy.

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Letters to Sophia – part 1


Six years have passed in a blink. In 6 more perhaps, though certainly in 12, your world’s horizon will be much broader than it is today and I will occupy a very small part in it. This is good. But I have a lot I wish to share with you and much I wish for you to carry with you. These are my letters to you.

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My favourite albums of 2016

Here we are again, then, looking back at another year and what a year 2016 turned out to be! Let’s focus on the musical highlights of the year, rather than its shadows. In no particular order, these are my favourite albums of the year we leave behind. It’s not a long list (and I confess there are still albums I’d like to have listened to more carefully and which may have ended up on this list), but it shines bright.

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